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The Medical Chat in Health Insurance: What advantages does it have?


The medical chat is an app that offers a service to patients who do not want or cannot go to a medical center
Today, almost all health insurances have implemented this service in their policies and it is included in the policy of the insured

Due to the situation caused by the coronavirus, in which social contact has been greatly reduced, more and more patients prefer that their medical consultations be carried out without having to travel to a medical center.

In addition, at this time, access to and visits to medical and health centers is restricted to emergency cases. For these reasons, medical chat rooms with independent video consultations and others developed by insurers have been emerging so that patients do not need to visit the doctor in person.

At Rastreator we tell you what medical chats are, what they are for and what advantages they have.

What is medical chat?

The medical chat is an app that offers a service to patients who are unwilling or unable to travel to a medical center. Through this mobile or tablet app, you can ask different specialists about health issues or any ailment you have, no matter where you are or what time it is . With this app, the patient will be able to solve their doubts through chat but also, in some cases, by video consultation, so it will be the same as if you had a face-to-face appointment with your doctor.

What is the medical chat for?

The medical chat is very useful to solve medical doubts and receive reliable, effective and simple advice from a specialized doctor. Said doubts can be both basic and more advanced consultations such as symptomatological evaluations. In this way, the doctor will be able to advise the patient on whether to attend a face-to-face medical consultation or not, taking into account the symptoms that they present.

In this medical chat you can also resolve other types of doubts such as the proper use of medications: specific indications, the correct dose, the established time of treatment, etc. This question, although it may seem small, can be a real headache.

In addition, its use is not only restricted to consultation or medical questions, but also allows advice on healthy lifestyle habits .

Medical chats in health insurance

Today, almost all health insurances have implemented this service in their policies and it is included in the policy of the insured. However, not all insurers offer the same functionality, some companies offer a service of basic medical chat and others, offering more comprehensive policies offer a wider service in which the insured can access other features advanced as the consultation videollamad to .

But, these medical chats are not only a service offered by insurance companies, but today, you can already find online medical chats that are not linked to insurers . One of their drawbacks is that they are paid services, so the most reasonable thing is that you choose a health insurance that offers this service.

Advantages of medical chat

There are many advantages that you will obtain from the use of this type of apps, in addition to reducing social contact. We tell you what they are.

  • Saving time: the patient can save time and avoid traveling to a health center if their consultation does not necessarily need to be in person. You will be able to solve your doubts from the comfort of your home and from your own mobile device. It's that easy, most insurers already have their medical chat integrated into their own application, so the process to consult or access said chat is very easy and intuitive.
  • Specialized consultations: specific consultations can be made with specialized doctors, although not all insurers offer this service. This is a very important advantage since you can avoid spending a long time in a waiting room.
  • Quick response: responses are received within a maximum period of 24 hours. On many occasions, and if the doctor is available, the response is immediate.
  • Sending documentation: from the application you will be able to send all the necessary and important information for the resolution of your query, be it images, documents or test results.
  • Reliability and trust: this is one of its greatest advantages since consultations are made with registered doctors and experts, a fact that gives the patient the greatest of confidence.
  • Unlimited queries : the number of queries made is unlimited so you can receive an answer to each and every one of your questions and queries.
  • International service : this service is not only available in Spain, but you can also access it if you are abroad.

Compare and find the best health insurance

If you are looking for health insurance that has this type of apps with integrated chat to consult your doctor, the Rastreator health insurance comparator helps you find it. You will only have to fill out a small form and, in a matter of seconds, you will have all the offers from the insurers that fit your profile. In this way, you will be able to compare prices and coverage and choose the health insurance that suits you best.

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