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Looking for Business Law? This is the Definition of Law and Business

DL FC-  Hi guys welcome to our newest article about What is Law and Business. In our global economy, businesses now deal with more complex issues concerning  government regulations and international trade policies. Conversely, the law has had to grapple with constantly evolving commercial organisations and business practices. With the growth in the size of legal practices and the expansion of the work of the legal profession into areas of mergers, acquisitions and taxation, the work of legal graduates and business graduates has blended in many aspects. 

What is Law and Business??

This joint degree aims to give you an in-depth understanding in the disciplines of law and business and to develop a critical understanding of both the legal framework of business activity and the economic and commercial context in which law operates. 

You will have the opportunity to focus upon the many areas of overlapping interest between the two disciplines, for example, the structure of companies and other forms of business organisation, competition law and regulation of markets, consumer law, labour law, finance and financial markets, taxation, the protection of intellectual property and international perspectives on law and business. 

Problem solving, critically analysing, thinking, questioning and challenging issues?
Learning about the complementary disciplines of business and law in an ever changing global economy?
Advancing your understanding of business practices?
Law and Business: The course for you?
This course is aimed at individuals seeking a career defined by the application of legal principles and management practices. The programme will provide you with a firm grounding in law along with strong management skills; enabling students to choose from a wide range of career opportunities or further study.

Law and Business at Trinity

Both the Schools of Law and Business are recognised for their unique and innovative degree programmes and structures. Both schools enjoy a strong international profile, with excellent relationships with Irish and global organisations in both the private and public sectors. 


The pathways available are Single Honors, Major with Minor and Joint Honors. Click here for further information.

Graduate skills and career opportunities

The programme will provide you with strong management skills and an in-depth specialisation in law. Graduates will be well prepared for demanding and rewarding careers in both the legal and business professions; particularly in areas where the two disciplines coincide. Graduates accept positions in law, business, taxation, finance and accounting, general management, employment relations and the civil service.

During the course, you will have the opportunity to study all of the core modules required by the legal professional bodies, ensuring, if you so wish, that you can seek entry into a legal career both at home and abroad.

Law degrees and professional qualifications

No law degree entitles a person to practise law as a solicitor or barrister. If you wish to go on to obtain a professional qualification, the governing bodies for the profession require that you study certain modules in your primary law degree. Each of our five undergraduate degree programmes guarantees you that will have the opportunity to take these modules. Students reading for a joint honors law programme, who would like to go into professional legal practice after their degree, will need to ensure they pursue the professional pathway (i.e. taking law as a major subject) from the second year of studies onwards (see below). Our programmes also offer additional modules currently required for entry into the UK professional bodies.

Your degree and what you’ll study

As a student on this programme, you will take both subjects equally in the first year. Thereafter, you can decide to concentrate more on Law or Business. You will study foundational law and business modules. In the final year, you will complete a substantial piece of independent research, the Capstone project, helping you to hone your research, teamwork and presentation skills. If you would like more detailed information on all the modules offered see: www.tcd.ie/law/programmes/undergraduate/modules and www.tcd.ie/business/undergraduate.

At the end of the first year of your programme, you will have several options in relation to the direction and pathway you would like your degree to take and the award you would like to pursue. 
You can choose to major in law (we refer to this as the ‘professional pathway’ – leading to the degree of LL.B. (B.S.) or you can major in business (resulting in a BA degree). You may of course choose to continue studying both subjects equally (BA Law and Business) or move into single honors law (LL.B.)). Students considering a career in the legal profession after their degree will have the opportunity to take all the required modules if they choose the ‘professional pathway’. 
Nevertheless, there will still be ample opportunity to continue with your studies in business. In your final year, depending on the pathway that you take, you will have the opportunity to focus on developing areas of interest in law and/or business choosing from a wide range of modules on offer by both School.

Study abroad

In the third year of studies, you may choose to apply to spend one semester or the entire year abroad on either the Erasmus programme or with a partner university with which we have an exchange programme. 
These exchanges are hugely popular and are academically and culturally rewarding. Law and Business students can currently apply to spend their year in universities in Strasbourg, Uppsala, Madrid, Berlin, Tübingen, Mainz, Singapore, Ohio and Queensland.
Further information on the year abroad programme and a list of partner universities can be found at: 

Visit the Law school: If you are considering studying for a Law degree at Trinity but want to be sure, you are most welcome to attend first and/or second year law lectures. If you would like to avail of this opportunity, please contact us by email to arrange a visit.

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