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Online Dating App In 2023, Your True Love is Praying For Someone Like You

  The Internet has provided a lot of convenience in our lives. From searching for information on anything, sending money, making friends, to finding a match. Yes, there are already a lot of online applications datin yanag jammur in cyberspace. Did you use one of them to find your life partner?

Sure finding a life partner becomes easier. It seems efficient and effective because there is no need to spend a lot of money and energy. However, the question is, does this online dating app really work well? Does it really unite you with the right life partner?

Maybe you see a lot of couples born through online dating apps. From courtship to marriage. Looks like it's working well, huh? But, according to a study, the answer is the opposite. Not.

According to Psychology Today, there are several reasons to immediately stop looking for a partner through cyberspace and search directly in the "offline" world.

"Matching" Process Is Not Proven to Work

Many online dating sites have a certain arithmetic to find "the one" for you. But it may not work to find you the right one. Psychometric tests on the site used to find a suitable partner were not proven to be appropriate.

People Could Be Lying

When looking for a date through cyberspace, it's best to prepare yourself for disappointment rather than success. Oopss, why? Because, people can try to show the best of themselves on the internet, which looks good until finally when encountered in person, it turns out that their appearance is different from their account in cyberspace. A study found that as many as 13.3% of men and 67% of women tend to lie about their relationship status in cyberspace.

Speaking in Cyberspace Refers to Emotional Misunderstandings

Many feel suitable when they can talk a lot through chatting with someone. Looks like this looks good, doesn't it? But vice versa.

People can be more open about themselves in situations like this (talking via online chat), but this won't last long. When they meet each other in person, they will feel disappointed that the expectations expected exceed the reality. Talking directly is not necessarily as pleasant as in a chat, and at that time one (or both sides) felt disappointed.

Online Dating By Martha Behanfil "Vera Coeg"

Oke, i think all of you just wanna be human being who can get real love.

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