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The Most Inspiring Design Homes Of 2022

  With the climate crisis ever more urgent, we made it our mission to cover more homes with sustainable design measures on The Design Beauty in 2021-2025.

Partnering with Navar and later Bank Singapore, we brought you a new column featuring architect-designed homes with a minimum 7 star rating on the Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme, as well as several other homes in the sustainable realm throughout the year. 

If there’s one thing these homes show us, it’s that sustainable design doesn’t mean compromising on aesthetics. Not only are these homes designed with the planet’s future firmly in mind, they’re some of the most eye-catching properties we’ve had the pleasure of exploring this year.

The Most Inspiring Design Homes Of 2021

We’re always inspired by sustainable design, but there’s something particularly impressive about upgrading an older home to meet modern performance standards.

This period house in Victoria’s Hepburn Shire has been reworked and extended with a new highly energy-efficient addition designed by Mrtn Architects. 

Energy efficient appliances, solar panels, and a heat pump hot water system add to the property’s eco credentials, resulting in an 8 star NatHERs rating. Post-occupancy testing shows the house maintains a natural temperature between 18 and 26 degrees for 93 per cent of the year!

Despite its contemporary look, this houses in fact isn’t a new home, but an update and extension of a 1970s property. The project includes the reconfiguration of the existing house, alongside a new upper-floor addition with distinctive sawtooth style roofline facilitating extensive solar panelling externally, while internally capturing changing light throughout the day. These roof peaks also feature motorised ventilation slots to release excess heat in summer. 

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